Reliable solutions with PORTOTI PR-25MB

PR-25MB features CCFL lighting system that produces intermittent light at oscillating frequencies selected to coincide with spectral sensitivity peaks for mosquitoes.

  • 1

    Lamp generates UV rays & warmth attracting mosquitoes.

  • 2

    Exclusive TiO2 produces CO2 which is irresistible to mosquitoes.

  • 3

    Fan sucks bugs down into the chamber where they dehydrate.


Increase 50% Air Pressure

The exclusive PORTOTI 9225 fan design generates 50% more air pressure than traditional bug killer 8025 fan.

New Stainless Steel Mesh

New expanded metal mesh offers grest passage of air flow and light. You can easily see the catch results and no need to clean the container frequently.

World-class chipset protectionLevel VI

PORTOTI PR-25MB adoptes the latest chip which provides six layers of circuit chip protection while enhancing efficiency and durability.


Hello 2m cord,
Bye bye extention cords!

It is recommended to use the bug killer in 75-300cm high place. Traditional bug killers only come with 1m cord. PORTOTI comes with 2m cord which make it easier to use in a higher place.

Save up to 80% on lamp

Do you know most bug killers'lamp and fan cannot be replaced? Once its broken, the bug killer is totaled. PORTOTI comes with a 2-year warranty on lamp and fan which are all user-replaceble.


The ultimate mosquito solution

The reliability of PORTOTI is not only based on advanced components and strict lab tests, but also on a 2-year warranty which is proudly provided.

  • PORTOTINormal Bug Killer
  • LampReplacebleIrreplaceable
  • FanReplacebleIrreplaceable
  • SafetyCE/PSBNo
  • Warranty2 Years*No Warranty
  • Power4W12W
*Service may vary from the local policy.